Ferndown Fencing
Post Saver Wrap & Tack
Post Savers

Universal Postsaver Coated film in 5 metre pack sizes, simply wrap around the post, overlap by 3cm or so, staple with small staples or tack in place with small round head nails at approx 75mm intervals, trim with a knife and heat shrink in place.

from £19.19
Post Saver Starter Kit
Post Savers

Everything you need to apply small quantities of Postsaver wrap and tack and Postsaver sleeves in one convenient pack.Starter application kit includes starter blow torch set with gas canister, light duty roller, light duty stapler and 1 packs of staples. 

from £42.00

Post Savers
Post Savers

Postsaver barrier sleeves are a dual layer sleeve comprising a tough polythene outer layer with a meltable bituminous liner. 

Very quick and easy to apply with a blow torch.

from £2.40